Intelligent IT is when the customer and the software developer agrees on what the solution should look like. We see knowledge and discussion as essential elements in all our development processes.

The Business

IT Minds deliver a broad range of IT solutions, including development of web applications, database solutions, integration work and mobile applications. The combination of skills within our staff makes us capable of delivering high quality solutions on the basis of our employees' updated knowledge within their competencies.

We solve larger as well as smaller tasks, where we are able to run the project from concept development to delivery of the final solution. We know that knowledge is the most important building block in any IT project, and that is why we put together teams specifically for each project to create the best end result.



The close cooperation between our employees and customers contribute to professional discussions, knowledge sharing, and exchange of experiences throughout the whole project. Therefore, the solution will always be challenged from different angles, which in the end increases the quality of the final solution. 


Do you miss a breath of fresh air in the team, a young perspective on a problem, or do you just need an extra hand on a project? We offer talented consultants to projects, who can work as part of an already established team. Our consultants are passionate about their work and can contribute with fresh and updated inputs to projects in both larger and smaller IT or development departments. This solution is very flexible as a lot of projects only demand extra ressources in a given period, which in the end will reduce costs of the project. 


A consulent from IT Minds can contribute to a certain part of a project in a given period. Our close connection with the universities and institutes in Denmark makes us able to find talented developers for most programming languages and technologies, in order to create the perfect match for the project. 



Intelligent IT

Since 2010, we have worked with optimisation and digitisation of work flows and processes in a number of larger and smaller companies. The valuable insight into the many different industry specific processes and organisations gives us a broad understanding of the digital challenges - and, not least, how to solve them. Therefore, our consultants have, parallel with their education, developed competencies within understanding business development and practical application of technologies, which makes them capable of delivering high quality solutions in close dialogue with the customer. 

Every day, we work on developing intelligent IT. This means that we always strive to find the best technology to optimise work flows or processes with our customers. Our employees work within many different competencies such as web applications, databases and integration, etc.

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