Rene Thomsen

The projects have been perfectly challenging so you feel that they trust you when they assign you to a project. This has given me a lot of motivation and freedom to solve projects the way I see fit.

Software Development
ICT-Engineer, Aarhus School of Engineering


I was an intern at IT Minds from August 2012 to January 2013 where I worked as a software developer. 

IT Minds as a workplace has been a good experience as I from the very beginning felt welcome among the rest of the developers. You instantly feel the great chemistry between people at the office. 

The projects I have worked on have been very different from what I learned during my education. In school it is more theoretical, while you at IT Minds get to use this theory in pratice. Of course you also did this in school, but here, you develop a real product for a real customer, where you are in close dialogue with this customer, who can be one out of a hundred people, who get to use your product. This can put some pressure on you, but at the same time it is something that keeps you going because you know that the product is not only used once and then tossed aside. 

The purpose of the products has been varying. From price calculation on an offer to a website for administering a NemSMS service, where more technologies have been involved. Among others, MVC, PHP, and Excel (VB). This has, at times, been challenging, but none the less educational as well as contributing to the degree and diversity of assignments. 

There can of course be stressful times where you work on a solution for many days in a row, times where you feel you are stuck and getting nowhere, but then there is usually a lot of help to gain from your colleagues, who are normaly more than willing to lend a helping hand. Because at IT Minds you never feel like you are alone. It is teamwork that you do not experience many places. I feel like this is a big part of what IT Minds is all about. 

A very postitive description of what it is like to work at IT Minds, but I also think that it, overall, has been positive. 


/ René Thomsen, Former Software Developer at IT Minds