Nicklas Rønning

When I, in the beginning of summer 2013, applied for the position as a sales consultant at IT Minds, I knew that my profile, age and experience was far from the profile they imagined - at first...

Customer Relations
HA. Communication, Copenhagen Business School


I, however, managed to invite myself to a meeting at the office in Copenhagen where my interest for the job was awakened even more, when I saw and felt the energetic and youthful atmosphere that characterised the office. I had to "convince" the, at the time, boss-to-be that I had the commitment, will, and competencies it takes to do the job - despite that the position initially was meant for someone older and more experienced. 

The reason why I briefly explain the beginning of my hiring process, is because I actually can draw several parallels to my daily job as Customer Relations Representative at IT Minds in Copenhagen. Overall, my job is to present IT Minds to municipalities and companies. How we, despite - or actually because of - our young age and experience level are a good match to their development projects that are possibly too small for the larger development houses, as well as our competent resources that with passion and interest easily integrates with existing IT development teams. 

My job is, then, to convince customers that IT Minds really have something to offer despite the fact that we, at first, maybe was not meant to do the project.  

The energetic and youthful atmosphere at the office, as well as the close and informal but still professional cooperation between colleagues and bosses make IT Minds a great place to work - even though I, as a "non developer", not always understand the at times nerdy programming language spoken during lunch :-)

You feel like your role in the company is appreciated and that you are not just a replacable pond as with many other student jobs - this makes me put much more energy and effort in my work. 


/ Nicklas Rønning, Customer Relations