Kasper Nissen

As a consultant at IT Minds I am challenged on a daily basis, both professionally and personally. I gain a better understanding within my field as a software developer, gain practical experience, and, none the least, learn the importance of cooperation with the customer.

Software Development
ICT-Engineer, Aarhus School of Engineering

I started as an intern at IT Minds as a part of my education as an ICT-Engineer in Aarhus. Through the internship, I have worked on several different projects and had different roles, such as backend-, frontend- and mobile development. I have worked with big customers such as municipalities as well as small startups and large private companies. As an intern and developer at IT Minds, you are part of the entire process; from the initiating meetings, to the actual development to handing over the product and follow-up development. This has given me a great understanding of and look into the business processes in developing a software product. 

After my internship, I have continued working as a consultant at IT Minds. I now have more responsibility and the possibility to play with technologies that I had no experience with through my education. I have among other things had the chance to participate in implementing integration to e-Boks, which requires high levels of security. Other examples include a sales tool for salesmen working with renewable energy in the form of solar cells and heat pumps. The tool was supposed to assist the salesmen in choosing the right solution for the final user as well as generate the final offer. 

The job as a student developer at IT Minds is varied and flexible in regards to working hours. It is great working at IT Minds as they listen to your wishes, you are professionally and personally challenged, and you build a large network which I am sure will come in handy someday. 


/ Kasper Nissen, Software Developer, IT Minds