Jon Korsgaard

As an employee at IT Minds, I have had great possibilities of working with exciting, practical and well-defined development projects paralleled with the occasionally very theoretical challenges of studying Computer Science.

Software Development
Computer Science, Aarhus University


The projects at IT Minds have, in my case, varied from developing easier applications for smartphones and tablets to bigger software architecture specific projects. The variyng workload in my studies has been taken into great consideration and this has helped to make sure that the job at no time has been overwhelming and influenced my effort in my studies. 

It has been a great advantage to have an idea of what is expected from you in "the real life" before you actually need it - especially in the form of the occupational experience I have gained through my time at IT Minds. Those experiences can to a great extent be used in many of the development jobs waiting out there where, for example, experience with a specific technology stack can be just as valuable at a salary negotiation as a good grade in a university course. In a job search situation, it can also be an advantage to have access to the large network of customer relations that IT Minds thrive on having created. 

/ Jon Korsgaard, Software Developer, IT Minds