Christian Svejstrup

I think it has been great that I, as an intern at IT Minds, had the opportunity to have as much contact with the customer as I had. I almost on a daily basis sent e-mails, had telephone calls and video meetings, or visited the customer to create the best possible product.

Software Development
ICT-Engineer, Aarhus School of Engineering

I started working at IT Minds as an intern during fall 2013 and was employed as an intern for the next six months, where I have had lots of challenges and responsibility. 

I am now employed as a part-time consultant while I continue my studies. This is perfect because I get experience to write on my resumé when I finish my studies as well as having the opportunity to have an interesting and study relevant job that challenges my abilities. 

Through my work for IT Minds I have met many different technologies in the projects I have worked on. This has provided me with a diverse knowledge within the areas I have worked with, which is something I can use in the future. 

One of the best things about being an intern is that I have gained practical experience with theories from our education, and that these theories actually make sense in a real project. Moreover, I have had time to explore many subjects in depth, and therefore I have a better understanding of these subjects than through just working shortly with them in my classes.  

It has been very educational to have a lot of contact with customers and project managers, as this has provided me with better knowledge on what ordinary people think about software, and how you deal with customers. 

Last, but not least, it has been a great personal satisfaction to experience that I actually can create real value to customers, even though I am "just" a student. 


/ Christian Svejstrup, Software Developer, IT Minds