Celine Vangsted

As an HR and Employer Branding Intern, I have had the opportunity to work with many different facets within the field. As the majority of the employees in the company are students and therefore work part time, the interns quickly get a lot of responsibility and many assignments that we have to work with independently.

HR and Employer Branding
stud.cand.it in Information Studies




We were seven interns in different positions who started at the same time, and the first days were spent on introduction where we quickly got to know each other as well as the company. This gave us the opportunity to quickly feel welcome and comfortable, as well as giving us a feeling of being an integrated part of the company from the beginning.

I am juggling many different assignments and fields of work, some bigger than others, and it is my own responsibility that the assignments are completed in time and as I see fit. Among other things, I work with internal events, job ads in InDesign, and other assignments that foster my creativity, determination and independence.

Besides this, I work with a bigger project called Tech Talent Night. We wish to offer the study unions in Aarhus and Copenhagen some interesting introductory speakers from relevant and exciting companies, who can introduce students to subjects they do not learn about through their education. There are so many elements that have to come together and I, therefore, to a great extent use my project management competencies from my education to solve the assignments.

As I work with many different assignments, the days are never the same, and I am in a state of continous learning, which to a great extent prepares me for the future.


/ Celine Vangsted, HR and Employer Branding