Brian Bak

It is said that a new world awaits for a newly qualified academic. This is an assumption that I, without hesitation, now can confirm!

Software Development
Computer Science, Aarhus University


When I went through the transition from being a student to being active in the job market, I had to relate to personal plans for the future, competencies, employment opportunities, unemployment funds, employment contracts and salary negotiations. It seemed a bit overwhelming. Thanks to my work at IT Minds, I, however, felt more prepared for this than most others. I had no doubts about my own employment possibilities or competencies. 

During my three years at IT Minds I had built up a great trust in my own professional competencies and had seen this used in practice at a large Danish software house. In other words, I had a great impression of what I could do, and that there was a great demand for these competencies within the business community. Luckily, my work place had the same impression and offered me a job which caused new considerations. It was necessary to relate to what was allowed to ask for in a job interview as a newly professional. Are there possibilities for continuing education, what about pay and benefits? I needed to discuss my options with more experienced people, and once again IT Minds was of great help. The transition from consultant to permanently employed has in my case not been very significant. 

I was, as an external consultant, a part of the company on equal terms as the permanently employed. I had the same type of tasks with the same level of complexity. To me, it was more about formalities. This is just one of the many strenghts about my job as an external consultant. I was given a lot of responsibility and gained a detailed knowledge about my "future" job which contributed to my desicion to say yes. 

It is not just the professional aspects that change when you step into the "real life". My working day has always been filled with people my own age and with the same mindset. It is inevitable that this changes when you are permanently employed in an older and much larger company. But I very much felt ready for the challenges ahead of me!


/ Brian Bak, former Software Developer, IT Minds

Now: Software Engineer at Stibo Systems