Benjamin Hughes

To start working for a new company is a bit like going on a second date. The first date went well and you got the job, but now it is time to dig deeper. You need to find out if your expectations and high hopes to the company last.

Software Development at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

For me, on my first day at IT Minds, I was sent on Javascript and CSS "testing" with a customer. Here we go! Welcome to the world as a consultant. The second day I got to work, I had to acquaint myself with an iOS project, the "Afveje project", where I was the IT consultant working with the customer that same evening. From this, I could conclude the following: At IT Minds you are taken seriously! Moreover, everyone at the office are vey nice and chatty. 

My second project was called the "Afveje project" This project was an iOS app that helps people discover the city and the possibilities you have with a smartphone. It has been an extremely great and challenging project. With no iOS experience beforehand, I had to brush up on that programming language, but that was not a problem. To me, it is great to be a part of user testing, making prototypes, cooperating with designers, implementing backend webservers, frontend iOS design, social plug-in, and various smartphone hardware functions like camera and microphone.

Since then, I have been working for Aller on bigger projects like and Here, Drupal is run in a very professional setup, which is pretty cool to see. At Aller, things move really fast, but it was still cool to get some actual experience with agile project management. Elements such as Scrum, standups, user stories etc. were used. 

The last year, I have been working at Realkreditrådet and helped them develop a brand new backend in Drupal. This project has a lot of focus on demand specification and understanding where Realkreditrådet want to go with their new website. It was also important to incorporate different work flows in the development of the new backend. And their lunches are amazing :) 

I am really happy with working at IT Minds. Nice and compentent colleagues, great events, responsibility, exciting and relevant assignments, and fantastic rye bread lunch. What's not to like? :)


/ Benjamin Hughes, Software Developer, IT Minds