Since 2010, our young talents have helped private companies and public authorities with optimising and digitising work procedures and processes.

The Story

It only took Jonas Vognsen and Morten Astrup Christensen one summer in 2009 as students at Harvard University to realise a shortage in the education sector and the IT business in Denmark. The Americans seemed to be much better at a very important disciplin within competency development for students - the close relations to and trust from the business community. A disciplin that the Danish IT companies and educational institutions had not yet embraced. 

After their stay at Harvard University, the two students at Aarhus School of Business found that a the talented IT students had a great passion and courage to challenge themselves, but no specific and practical projects that could challenge their technical abilities. At the same time, reality was that many companies had smaller development projects, that with time had been given a low priority. A good match that we today call IT Minds - Young Minds - Excellent Solutions. 


In 2010, IT Minds in cooperation with two talented IT students began helping companies with the optimisation of internal work flows and processes. Today, the team consists of more than 110 talents within IT and business, placed at offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. We have since the beginning worked with some of the largest companies in Denmark and solved tasks within web applications, databases, integration, mobile applications and more. 

The Concept

A development house in more senses than one.

We work with intellingent development of IT solutions based on agreement and dialogue with the customer. In close internal cooperation, we put teams together for the specific assigment so the necessary competencies for developing the solution are included. 

Intelligent IT, to a great extent, revolves around cooperation and sharing experience and competencies. Therefore, we work after the holistic thinking, that 1+1+1=4. We call this the ITM team model. ITM Team means that we can deliver young talents in teams that combined work 37 hours or more during the week. The close cooperation and exchange of competencies in the teams create greater synergy due to the combination of the talents, which strengthen the quality of the final solution. 

We know that increased professional and personal development is created on the basis of experience and trust. Through responsibility on software projects from the beginning to delivery, we therefore make sure that our consultants are as good as they can be. At IT minds you are simply not placed on a chair and asked to test 10,000 lines of code - you work in close cooperation with the project manager and the customer to create the best result. 

It’s all about attitude.

At IT Minds, we have a strong attitude. We constantly want to improve. Therefore we continually look for the best talents from the Danish universities, where the common denominator is passion and courage to challenge oneself as well as each other.